tell me i didnt make a fatal mistake

Alright, Im a noob, plain and simple. I was in the process of making a game, but I was using (I thought it was a good idea) cubes as place holders for various actors and such. Now I have all my gamelogic in place and was going back to edit my boxes into the models I originally had in mind. But once I started to edit them and run the game engine, they revert back to their box state (ignoring the changes I made)!? But once i go back to edit mode, the mesh is as I left it (no longer a box). What can I do to replace the box place holders with new meshes and keep my logic?

Sorry if this question has been asked before, I searched but netted no results.


sounds like a weird bug

you say:
modified the cubes
enter the game engine, back to cubes
enter edit mode [out of game engine] still modified

now, that sounds pretty weird.

It sounds to me like you didn’t go out of editmode before going back into the game engine.

hmmm bug maybe…
This is what I have found after messing with it a little bit…

When I change it in edit mode, it reverts back to its cube shape once I go to the game engine. It also reverts if I simply go to object mode. One thing i failed to mention before, it had a texture applied to it (just so I could see it better). I thought if I were to remove the texture, maybe it would keep its new shape but no luck. I tried adding vertices and dramatically changing its shape but no matter what I do to it, it goes right back to a simple cube once I leave edit mode. But, I found that if I duplicate it, the newly created mesh keeps the new shape and its logicbricks intact (in edit mode and in object mode). Then I deleted the old mesh. Everything seems to work as it should. I will continue to test… thanks for the help