Tell me what you think about a tank :D

I wanted to try and do something not hard but with a little detail for practice and I decided to make a tank. C&C welcomed plz give some. Oh I havent made a background yet so sorry for the blue screen. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the imput guys! :smiley: I would really like a comment or 2. I am not asking for a 10 paragraph commentory. Just a few words saying this and that.


Low polly work bleh, make the track bottoms smoother, and work on textures.

You need to be patient. Atleast you could wait some hours or a day before you post replies like that, not just 40 minutes. I think it’s pretty good. You need a camoflauge texture and more details. Take a look at some blueprints and you see there is more details.

Here is suggestion for making a camoflauge texture. Use clouds and
alter the colorband so that it has the colors you want and rather than
colorband having the default two colors put like four shades and
some markers close together.

If the track is made of single mesh with few polys you could simple subdivide it twice and catmullclark subdivide it ones and it should be of
smoother shape after that, but not too round either.

Or you could just do an image search for camoflauge.

Here I added a camo and the treads are subdivided twice and then fractul. What you guys think now?


Its coming along.

You could make the camouflage ‘bigger’. Go to materials (F5), then ‘map input’ for your camouflage texture and put something like 0.4-0.6 to the sizex, sizey and sizez sliders.

Also, to get rid of the bad texturing on the sides, there is a group of four buttons, ‘flat’, ‘cube’, ‘sphere’ and ‘tube’. You propably have it on flat, put it on, for example, cube.

And what is that thing floating in the air behind the turret?

Just a bit of decoration I geuss. My example picture has that on it. So I put it on it to see what the tank looked like.

Here I fixed that ugly back hang out. I like this a bit better. The other was jsut a copy of the image I had. This is a bit more realistic. I also fixed the up and down camo, used “cube”.


Tanks don’t have wheels they have cogwheel.

If you’re going to point out what tanks do and don’t have, you could go on all day - it’s clearly a low-poly model without a lot of detail.

I think it looks all right but I prefer more detailed stuff.

I prefer more detailed stuff too. This is to low poly.

i don’t mind the model at all, low-poly is fine, but i would suggest making different textures, because right now the whole tank is one texture, so the parts all blend together and its hard to tell what’s what. i would say make some of the camo darker or lighter, so its easier to see. the big row of tanks is kind of hypnotic/freaky imho.

I can sugest Gimp plugin that make camo. Its cool and Im using it to my hover tank ( sorry can’t show, it for another company, so I don’t have permision to show it :-? ) one good advice, after u have greated the camo in gimp Blur it, looks better :slight_smile: