Tell me Why?

Why? Tell me why? I would like to know why? Please explain why.

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…just because.

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Because Why?

Because 42.

The meaning of life the universe and everything… That may be why? But then the question must be asked… Why?

Better yet… Why Not?

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Ah yes. The negotiator

It’s more of a secret

Why is there anything at all?

Ok, you asked for it: why.

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Is there though?

Why not ask why?

Because Jensen Huang said so!

Hell, why not?

I didn’t ask you why. I told you why. That’s what you asked.

But… why?

My answer to ur question is Why not?

There are so many whys in this world… This post simply is meant to bring light to those ‘Whys’

Why, though … ?

Yes, your why is a proof of it. If there is nothing, nobody could ask why.