tell your blender story, genesis style

this is something that started in blenderchat, when @ndy and X-Warrior started talking about how good X-Warrior was at blender… anyway they got us all telling our blender stories genesis style… here goes:

On the first day he downloaded blender, he rendererd a sphere. He looked upon it and was pissed, because he didnt set it smooth and there was no raytracing. So he used pov for a long time until blender got raytracing.

On the second attempt, he downloaded blender and rendered a sphere with smooth and reflection, and was pleased.

On the thrid attempt he was told to RTFM, so he R’ed the FM and created awesome blends. then he looked upon what he had created and was pleased.

:stuck_out_tongue: now tell yours and make it better than my misbegotten attempt.

On the first day, he started downloading Blender, but as this was many years ago and he only had 9600baud modem he had to wait a while.

On the second day he started Blender for the first time and was awed by what he saw. He added a cube, then got stuck as he was still in edit mode and didn’t know he had to press tab.

On the third day, he ordered a C-Key and a Manual and things have never been the same.


In the beginning, He created the Camera and the default Plane.
Now the Plane was formless ane empty, and darkness was over its surface (indeed, He looked at the render, and He saw that it was black).

And He said “Let there be light!” and there was a lamp.
He looked at the lamp and saw that it was good.
And the computer shut down and the computer booted up - the first day.

Umm… that’s as far as I’m getting :wink:

Long, long time ago in a dark and remote past he downloaded DKBtrace and rendered his first sphere (and checkerboard of course…). At that time Blender was just a promise in a dinstant future…

Later… not much but at least years… he started looking around for a usefull program to model 3D scenes. He looked upon Blender and saw it was not mature enough… aaaahhh, how he longed for those reflecting spheres (and checkerboards of course… ). The search continued and (at that time) stopped at the povray website where he teamed povray with moray.

Years went by and the 3D itch returned… searching, again, he stumbled again upon Blender and saw it was good… ’

So he said ‘let there be light’… but there was not yet anything to shine that light upon: he better learn to actually MODEL something with it first :wink:

On the first day when monitors were monochrome green he wrote his first scanline renderer.
On the second day when PCs started networking he started coding a modelling and animation tool.
On the third day he was about to give his tool a rewrite when he stumbled over blender again.
And see, it was open source now.
So he decided not to reinvent the weel again.
On the forth day he created a little thingy for the UV editor.

The rest you all know…


On the first day, he downloaded blender. But it crashed all the time and few tutorials where available. He quikly got confused and stressed out. He was not pleased.

On the second day he learned a other free programm and it was simple. He made some room but he quikly left because of no verticle editing and few possibilities. He wasn’t very pleased.

On the third day he got back to blender and followed the tutorials of the community which had gotten pretty big by now. He noticed that Blender had gone open-source and all features where free by now. He was pleased.

On the fourth day he joined in on some site, called “Elysiun”. He learned a lot and is still learning more. And he was pleased.

How the first NMeshes came to exist, according to The Blenderer:

And The Blenderer caused TAB-KEY to fall upon the Circle, and its vertices were exposed: and he P-KEY’ed one of his faces; And the face, which The Blenderer had taken from Circle, made he a Plane, and brought her unto the Circle. And Circle said, This is now face of my faces, and vertice of my vertices: she shall be called Suzanne, because she was taken out of Circle. Therefore shall a Circle leave his Sphere, and shall cleave unto his Cube: and they shall be one flesh. And they were both without material settings, the Circle and his Plane, and were not ashamed.

On the first day, he downloaded blender and rendered a plane. he looked upon the plane and said, this is good.
On the second day, he looked through the NaN galleries and found beauty and purpose in all that he beheld
On the third day, he looked at his plane and gave up.

that was 6 years ago.

on the 1923th day (or something like that), he’s back, newbie still after 6 years, but the world awaits. or something like that.

On the first day, he get DKBTrace on a CD and it was good.
On the second day, he found POV-ray and it was better.
On the third day, he took a compiler and worked on POV.
On the fourth day, he saw blender, but on the mac, it was not very good.
On the fifth day, he tried many apps, and none was better than POV.
On the sixth day, he looked again at Blender, and it was very good and open source.

On the Seventh day, he blend and help at dev.

… and here was I, thinking that the Blender user-interface was the biggest hurdle to take :o :o :o :o :o

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On the first day he reads magazines that talk about “elected” people making “virtual” images with expensive machines somewhere in the universe. And he thought: “how nice”.

On the second day he bought a 3D Studio manual

On the third day he found an overclocked P 90 machine with a 2Mb graphics card on a garbage can

On the fourth day the “free” 3D Studio soft refuses to colaborate with the machine

On the fifth day he found a “penguin” who likes the machine

On the sixth day he found Blender who loves him, the machine and…the penguin

On the seventh day he can’t stop to “play” with Blender

He swore from this day on to preach Blender to all
and everyone.

He faced the terror of the fat-lazy-pompus-bastards: the organized-software-pushers!

They soon realized that he would preach Blender to the innocent man!
They also realized that they would be out of business soon.

He would face the biggest challenge off them all…

Face slander
Face badmouthing
Face the users of commercial software that have been bought
and paid to ridicule Blender followers everywhere…

Not an easy task…

Lol. Nice idea.