tempel of mystic

(bverlaan) #1

hello blenderheads,

I made this render and I want to know what you think of it. do you have any comments? (I think you have…) or things I should add to the scene.

please tell me


thanx 8) bobby

(Ecks) #2

thats cool! one thing that you muste add…a background…your scene finish flat…we see the end of your square (ground…) so make your aqaure bigger or add something behind (mountain…etc)

(Nayman) #3

i dunno… hard ot see shadows, and textureing could use some work

good start

(BgDM) #4

Not to bad at all. I agree with X-WARRIOR as well about the background/ground.

What I typically do is to select the plane, enter edit mode and then subdivide fractal about 4-5 times. This breaks up that flatness of the plane and makes it look more beleivable. You can also choose to sub-surf it as well, to smooth it out a bit.


(bverlaan) #5


here’s the version where I added those things and some other thnigs aswell. hope you like it


and here a newer version of the other link in this message


bobby 8)

(rwenzlaff) #6

Your stone pillars are too perfect. You could never get stone to cut that cleanly - maybe polished marble, but it doesn’t look like pollished marble…
No, even polished marble would have slightly rounded edges and corners.

Subdivide the pillars several times, round the edges slightly, and add a few ‘defects’ on the closer pillars. You need to add a normal chanel to the texture, too to give the stone “grain”.

Other than that - looks like a good start…


(Riskbreaker) #7

OR subdivide the pillars about 3 or 4 times, press ‘set smooth’ and turn ‘SubSurf’ on

(S68) #8

I do agree on pillars.

Furthermore temples typically have columns, not pillars :slight_smile:
You have to work hard on stone material too, add a bumpmap, grain etc.

I like third image most for the interior.


(Jolly Gnome) #9

Yep, pillars are too square… some light bumpmapping also would add to the realism. And the lightning is quite bad… IMO

(blengine) #10

i would defintely change the pillars to circular formed ones…
i really like the middle part, and hows its all foggy and blueness =D its very cool
the pillars are looking a lil plastic…what i would recommend is changint hem to round pillars and add a stucci texture along with a stone textre to get a stone look
and the ceiling needs some sort of texture, maybe a brick?
the middle of the tempple is very nice though, i wouldnt change much there 8)

(bverlaan) #11

here’s my last updated version. I think it is finished now. but if you have any comments. I would like to hear them.



(blengine) #12

it looks alot better =D … the pillars are too shiny, but thats no biggy… great job!

(bverlaan) #13

this is the last one. I think…
only if you have no comments, I won’t make another render. if you do have… I make a new render… :smiley: 8) :smiley:


thanx all of you :wink:


(BgDM) #14

That is the one. 100% improvement from the original. Nice job!


(rwenzlaff) #15

Yes. A hude improvment. You even beat me to the punch on one. I noticed in Version 4 that the marbling on all the pillars looked the same. It looks like you fixed that in Version 5.

Still a comment on the pillars. If you’re going for a pollished marble look it’s not shiney enough (and no-one would polish marble that was such dull colors). Otherwise it’s still too shiney. Add a little grain to all, and maybe take a chip out of 1-2 of the closer pillars. It will do magic.

See http://www.soylent-green.com/blend/Megadon7.jpg

I moved 1-2 verts per house and it really makes that corner of the scene…


(Jolly Gnome) #16

Looks good now, though the texture on the pillars is too dominant. It sort of draws too much attention and makes the whole picture look a bit chaotic. Try lessening the ‘contrast’ (slider at right bottom) from the ‘textures’ or from the ‘materials’ the ‘Col’-slider (again, right bottom (first of the three))

(kos) #17

good…try to add some sexy girl with large breasts bathing in the smoky water.may be the girl devoted to god.