Temperature monitoring apps: Speccy no longer works

Even the Windows 10 updated Speccy no longer works on my Windows 10 machine.

So I’m soliciting suggestions on a free app that will do everything Speccy once did so well on Windows 7. Ah to only have Windows 7 again. The computer was a upgrade as a gift the only downside being it came with Windows 10. I have a desktop and no other devices so Windows 7 was when Microsoft finally got it right.


Try HWiNFO64.

Dito thanks but after checking it out maybe that’s to much information for an old man. Maybe I’ll just wait for Speccy which could be a long wait seeing where their last update was about a year ago.

This should help you.

Dito I really appreciate it but I never got the first window you are showing there. I take it with that click it automatically picks the sensors for the taskbar. Then they wanted to update and something went South with that where I had to click abort. Finally I used a restore point to nuke it sadly. I might try again and once again appreciate it. I have Windows 10 Home by the way. Damn they took 3 versions of Windows 7 and rolled them into one (1).

I have one of the first Win10 version running in VirtualBox.
I took the portable version of HWiNFO64.

Watch this video.

Dito, CPUID HWMonitor downloaded perfectly in Windows 10 and gives me all the temperature information with one error which your app and Speccy had by the way. All showed this ASUS motherboard at around 120 C. And, according to the Net that seems to be the case with a bunch of folks. Could be a Windows 10 thing. Regardless thanks for the suggestion and for anyone looking for a free Windows 10 monitoring app they now have two.