Temperature sickness

Grrr… Why do people love cold weather!? Ya see, one year when I was 14 I started getting sick from cold stuff, weather, icecream, you name it, anything cold. I do’nt know why but I just start coughing and congestion starts and I get so fricken sick, I have to go blow a ton of money going to the doctor and getting all this perscription medicine, that does nothing but get me high. It doesn’t get me any better and it just makes me depressed cause I know I just blew a ton of money on nothing and I have no choice. My boss is making me go to the doctor today, he just doesn’t understand, like most people, that the cold is what makes me sick. My boss keeps the office at a freakin’ 65 degrees cold, I have a hard enough time keepin’ well at 70. I’ve already fought my about this, he’s just an idiot. I tryed doing a google search, but I could’nt get anything, I was thinking maye you guy’s might be able to find somthin’. Please help me guy’s.

Yeah, enloy the cold weather.
Being depressed about it only makes you more vulnerable.
I like cold weather, but I live in Belgium.
I can be lucky when it gets colder then -5°C.
I like packs of snow, the more the better.
I used to hate autumn because every year my mom made me clean up the leaves, but now I love all seasons.
I COULDN’T live in California, no way.

Sure I do get sick. About twice a year I get an off day or two when the weather changes.
Last time I got REAL sick (say about 10 days) was when I turned vegetarian and was walking round Paris in a summerjacket when all of a sudden it went -10°C.

I hate cold too…
Try wearing more layers, drink plenty tea and not getting depressed.
On the bright side at least the medicine gets you high :wink:

I tryed doing a google search,

Google says Florida.


Yes, that sounds good, what about Cali? Too expensive? lol

You’re supposed to move to California when you’re young. Then when you retire, you move to an old people community in Florida.

I like the cold because I live in a tropical country and the constant heat can become unbearable :-?

Well I live in a desertesc country (Texas) where the summers are hot and the winters (In my region) don’t go below freezing. I love, I live in a usually warm place, I just wish all of the great country of Texas where a desert.

Could it be some form of Cold Urticaria? I found it via google; here is a short site about it: http://allergysa.org/html/coldurticaria.html
I’m no doctor though, I just know how to use google. Just trying to help.

Also on that site:

Cold-induced (reflex) cholinergic urticaria results in generalised urticaria when patients are exposed to the cold, but they do not respond to a local stimulus. The severity of the symptoms increases with exercising in cold weather.

Cold=Good for Katsuro
lets see here… -6 F (so… i have no idea of what that would be in C) and was wearing shorts and a tee-shirt. If your wonder, no i never wear long pants or a jacket, but i do keep em in my car… just incase.

Well i went to the docotor after wrk and he said i have a n inner ear infection and an upper restpritory infection. He aldo said that I was my body’s just extremely sensetive to the cold. the cold can trigger crap in the body, but It’s just realy bad for me.

He prescibd some medice and it’s good stuff, I have no money to last me the rest of the week, but thats ok, I have friends.

I hope the medicines will solve it quickly for you. Nothing worse than being sick. And not having money doesn’t help to cheer you up.
Just hang on, things will get better some time.