Template List Enhancement

The following link shows a customization for a template list, which allows you to have multiple elements in a single row:


At the top of the page, it says that this method has been replaced and to refer to release/scripts/startup/bl_ui/properties_data_mesh.py for examples. However, when I look at the code there, it seems like they are just using regular old template lists:

        row = layout.row()

        rows = 2
        if kb:
            rows = 5
        row.template_list(key, "key_blocks", ob, "active_shape_key_index", rows=rows)

        col = row.column()

Any suggestions?

up to 2.65, you can use simple template_list or enhanced list. But in 2.66, this will be replaced by UIList type:


Great. Thanks for the response!