TemplateSetup Issues Startup Stuff

Dear Folks.

I watched this video
and tried to learn it.
I do something wrong or disovered a bug:

I have done twi folders. lets name the stuff Workspace A) and Workspace B)

For testing and learning i tried one “simple” tihing:
Workspace a) Millimeter Unit and thin Lines (== desired userpreferences a))
Workspace b) Meter Unit and thick Lines (== desired userpreferences b))

the Units DO work => since they are loaded from startup.blend in usertemp config i guess

the lines do NOT work since they seem to be loaded somewhere else.

When i change the Prefs in Workspace A or Workspace B its reflecting inside both.

Later its important because i want a workspace containing addon XY
Another Workspace containing other addons or none of them

Is someone able to help?
I can provide my AppData/Blender/Blenderfoundation/ folders if you like to help me get this going.
I did it 5 times from scratch and i only get 50% of it



( Didn’t watch the video. I read documentations.)

The unit are stored in the startup.blend and the line with (theme) are in userpref.blend.

If you look at Docs-Blender Manual: advanced app_templates … then there is also written:

The user may save their own startup/preferences while using this template which will be stored in their user configuration, but only when the template includes its own userpref.blend file.

So you have both in your ./config/{APP_TEMPLATE_ID}/ directory ?

Also you have opened a new file and choosen one of the templates ?