Temple of the forest [Title Changed]

The forrest temple lies deep within the forrest, it contains immense treasure and bright shiny things… the only problem is that you cannot enter due to the intense wind generated by the wind tunnel which is located on roof.


I know the filename suggests it’s a WIP but i decided i didnt want to change it afterall :slight_smile:

Cool. Interesting piece. I kind of feel like the green is a bit overwhelming, but it does focus the piece. There might be some potential for volumetric light around or coming from that halo.




I like the mood


Good - the mood is really interesting. I’d prefer warmer colours and a bit more detail on the ‘walls’…

That’s very pretty, I just wish it was bigger !

I do have a desktop sized render… :slight_smile:

hmm I really like this…The only thing I would say Is I can see the light beams being slightly expanded or blurred, they look a little abrupt to me.

Look cool, me want shiny things!

Simple yet soothing. Me likes.


[Disclaimer] I find that the pic, in itself, is good and properly designed. I like it. But…

I must say that I have been disappointed by this picture, because I think it doesn’t relate at all to its name. By Wind Palace, I first thought of an open sky castle, with columns instead of walls, very airy, light and illuminated by the blue sky. And what I actually saw is a secluded place in which I would feel claustrophobic.

Then the description says that the wind palace lies deep within the forest. But apart the green theme color of the pic, I can see no forest here.

Then the description tells of a wind generated by the wind tunnel, but actually, in the pic, nothing hints at a powerful wind blowing, not even dust, leaves or anything that could remind of a wind.

In fact, I think the text doesn’t match at all to the pic. I know that each pic should have a story behind, to enhance it and give it character, but actually none of its history/background/events is reflected in the pic, and I find this sad… %| This pic has an after-feel of WIP, not finished item, in it.

I don’t want to start a flame, it’s just that I really feel disappointed by the mismatch between the very promising subject and decription, and the pic itself.

Anyway, I report to my my disclaimer: the pic is good so don’t blame me for telling what I think :wink:

Woah, cool pic, i lke it, it looks like your looking through night vision goggles. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its kinda cool.
nice effect.
more of a glowy forest castle than a wind castle but it works.

Nice pic. But as said above, it dosn’t give the feel of a windy palace.