Temple of the Nephilim

An excavation in a remote dessert in the Middle East. Ruins were found of the temple of the Nephilim, the fallen angels. Worshipped by a until this day unknown ancient civilisation.


This is a bit unusual piece for you no? It is monochrome and more fantasy. Might say that overall it is light and low-contrast. These effects might be lessened? The composition is intriguing though. What about going monochrome but not 100%?

Thanks for your comment. This was not meant to be a monochrome picture. It is the desert with lots of sand blowing around so it appears to be in a same colour scheme but i meant it to be just a glimps through all the sand on the ancient statue and temple ruins. It is allways difficult i think to find the proper lighting for a scene. I think that is the major challenge each time i create a scene. got some advice on that? The lighting of a scene makes or breaks i think.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks and appreciate it