Temple of the wind

Hello blenderers. It’s me again.

Another project (Sorry, I’m very great at abandoning projects). This time it’s another temple.

This project started when seeing some cool spiky thing on the TV and thinking “Wow, an eagle’s head in that kind of style would be awesome!”. So I started working on it and found out shortly that it was a pain, but I got around it.

After that I though they would fit in some kind of temple type thing, something like from The Legend Of Zelda. So I started to work on that as well. First it was like a corridor type, but it didn’t look very good, so I resorted into making it into a bridge.

So, what do you guys think so far? (And yes, I’m aware that the fog color is a little off. I’m working on it)


Not too sure what it is yet, but it looks interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for that. I think I uploaded the project a tidy bit too early.

Anyways, I’ve continued along and have made the pillars nicer added a mountain kinda thing and changed the fog color and adjusted it a bit.

I’m not sure how the camera should be positioned yet, neither where this bridge should be located (outdoors, indoors…?). But that’s part of the fun, to improvise.