Temple Of Time - Legend Of Zelda

Hi, I’m new to blender and this is what I got done my first day. Its the Temple of Time from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.

This is how it looks right now after adding some more detail. Still need to work on some things such as trees. the lighting sucks, trying to do better…

Thats a bottom view of it During the Day. I also made a night view of it.

I’m trying to work on textures for it. I want the walls to have brickes that are parallax maped so they look real. The front is not exactly how the one in the game is. It doesnt have windows, etc.

I’d like to add some trees and grass tomorow. I made a camera animation where the camera moves around and the flags blow.

There is one problem though, when I’m in camera view or I Render it, it does not show the rest of the mountains farther back, it gets cut off. Can some one explain?

What do you think?

It’s a good start, though definitely requires more detail. If you want to make it awe-inspiring, take the original design, then add details not seen in the OoT version (which won’t be hard to out-model a N64 game). As far as the mountains go, make sure your camera’s view distance is set far enough to capture the whole scene. If it’s too short it’ll cut out what ever is beyond it’s draw distance.

Remember, model detail first, but try to think of what would be easier as texture detail as well. And always finish your modelling before worrying about texturing, it usually renders far better results stopping yourself from getting to the excitement of texturing and trying to bring something to life too early.

Lol, I start thinking about making some LOZ:OOT things once I finish my project, and the next afternoon I see this. Strange…

Good job so far, but Midian’s right, do the modeling, then the cool stuff like texturing and animation. Then, if you want to tweak the model, you won’t have to redo the texture and the animation or anything like that, and you’ll always have something to look forward to to keep you going. I usually completely model a certain part until I can’t think of anything I could change, then I let myself enjoy the texturing, then I start on the next part.

Anyway, this is my favorite game I’ve ever played (Except the MQ version of the same game.), so I’ll definitely be watching this project. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the comments. I really want to get good at this and make some OOT places such as a sky view of Hyrule and castletown market, Ganon’s Tower, the dragon from death mountain, zora’s domain, and the great deku tree.

The movie 300 was made totally in green screen, and it gave me an idea of OOT movie could be similar. But its hard to make things look real.

I’m afraid I’d have to agree with you on the last point. Making things look real takes a lot time, patience, and practice. You won’t learn it over night or even in a week. But as Bert Monroy says “The best way to learn is to play.” So go in and push buttons and have some fun. I know I do especially with the cloth and fluid simulators.

Keep with it. I thought about giving up once but I just couldn’t keep myself away, too much fun.