Temple (Selective color)

This is a part of a larger scene. Just wanted to play around with selective color and volumetric lighting. I created the fire following Blender Made Easy’s tutorial on YouTube. C&C are welcome.


The image babe! The image! :roll_eyes:

Very nice.

The lions on the pillars, maaaybe could be x-axis mirrored or something just to make them look less copy/pasted and personally, I would perhaps change the cauldron fire to an orange flame: just to introduce the red/orange colouring to add a little warmth to an otherwise icy-grey looking scene.

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Thank you for the feedback! The pillars are array modifiers. I’ll play around with changing that and see how it works. And yeah, the scene could use a bit of warmth. I agree :slightly_smiling_face:

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OR, yes… you don’t necessarily need to replace the blue-gas flame, perhaps something as simple as some warm orange-red ribbons to cut the grey apart a bit…

Similar to yeah you remember the scene with the little girl in the scarlet/red dress in Schindlers List and how that just popped in amoungst all the washed-out grey.

Just something warm :thinking:

Disclaimer: I installed Blender two days ago and know absolutely nothing about 3D editing, but I’ve always had a reasonably attuned eye for balance and detail, so my feedback comes from a general ‘audience’ perspective, but I’ve always been into aesthetics and have reasonably good taste :smirk:

I think I have good taste, anyway :slight_smile:

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Guess I can make use of the cloth tied to the trident. Can’t see it much because it’s in the shadow. This is a story about a monk who was killed in a hot oil cauldron by the order of the king. I kinda wanted the orange-red robe of the monk flying into the scene… Still thinking on how to bring that into the scene.

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If he’s got a red robe, that’s perfect :slight_smile:

Yeah, I don’t know how to present it either immediately, though I’ll stare at the image a while and report back if an ‘ah hah!’ moment occurs :thinking:

And what god, didn’t they have the most twisted imaginations when it came to finding new ways to torture and kill people a few hundred years ago :grimacing:

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IKR… I had a hard time trying to name the scene even. Sick… To bring that tragedy into the scene is making me sad and depressed. But I want to shed some light into the history of my beautiful country (Sri Lanka). There are proud moments and then again, there are moments like this as well.

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Honestly, since I joined this forum only a day ago I have found myself unable to resist clicking on “just one more” WIP or finished artwork - everytime I return to the main listing there’s more new scenes and awesome images to look at.

Blowing in a gust of wind would make the robe look very good.

When was this monk boiled?

Edit: okay, 2,500 years ago - scratch that city-lights on the skyline idea then :smirk:

Pity: that sprinkling of city lights would’ve been subtle enough to give warmth, without crowding the scene or adding any extra elements :frowning:

I know I agonise over adding new elements to any work once I’m more or less happy with how the scene is laid-out.

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The story sounds interesting. Are you making a short?

The incident must have happened roughly 2500 years ago. I thought I’d get away with using this HDRI :joy: Better use a nature HDRI. Kinda like a forest.

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It was supposed to be a short. Things doesn’t seem promising ATM. I sorta lost interest in working with some people. I haven’t decided yet on the future of this project. Just making the scenes and waiting for the right resources. I believe I’ll get what’s needed when the right time arrives.


love the mountains and the trees great scene and sky.

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