Temple thing

Yay this is my first post :smiley:
I am almost done with this picture but I want some feedback to make it better :slight_smile:
Heres the image


Hope you like it!

Very nice first post :smiley:
Looks really cool!
My main crit, would be that it looks like the mortar on the bricks is going out instead of in. I assume that’s just a nor map right?

How’d you achieve the water?

I saw a tutorial that showed you how to make that. Nice water. Could we get a blend by chance?

Very nice piece! but you might want to shink the size of the waves in the water, it really throws off the scale, other than that, beautiful.

I made the water partly by following this for all the volumetric stuff, all the textures are my own.
Here’s the .blend: templeocean.blend(rightclick-save as on windows, shift+click on linux)

mr_bomb: Thanks for pointing that out i didnt notice it.
zachogden: Theres the blend
Fonix Wircs: Ok i’ll try that

Cool :slight_smile:

I think you can improve light a bit. no wait… was my monitor, it is nice

Steps are vay tooooo high in comparison with column & door

Glad to see you apreciated the tut


Cool, I think my first post on the old Blender forum was also some kind of temple. Not nearly as nifty though.
I think it’d look nicer to add some steps in front of the door rather than lowering the steps or adding them all around… am I making sense?..

here’s a crude example of what I mean: http://w1.185.telia.com/~u18510119/temp/example.jpg

Hello and welcome in the Blender world,

Well let’s go straight in the goal :o
Your temple is lost in black on the right/top, of the shape
So you need to think about Lightning effect…
One solution is… I think…
Adding at least one “white light source” Right and Behind your temple,
(You have to test at wich distance from the temple you have to place it, not too far away ,but not to close)
the aim is to outline the shape by slightly luminous edging/border
in order that it stand out against the background.

a few basics on Lightning here :
(you can also look the other tutorials of Andrew’s site, they are interesting too)
Keep on going, you are on the right way,
for me the light is the most important thing in a scene.

The building looks really good! Water is too smooth to look real, but it does look like water A LOT!

What kind of light did you use to eluminate the moon?

That’s very good bacon. Have you been doing 2D or 3D art for long?

I look forward to seeing your work in the future.

Looks good! I think the building looks like it’s sitting on top of the water rather than coming up out of it though.

Thanks for the comments all :stuck_out_tongue:

S68:The tut was great thanks. I changed the size of the steps too.
pofo: I did what you described if you look closely.
fmurr: I changed the lighting, but i still like how the top is dark.
Hirpo: Thanks.
.:[email protected]:.: For the moon, I simply added a plane and mapped the texture on it, then set the emit value to something like .5.
spiderworm: I’ve been playing around with 3d for about 1 year but i havent actually gotten anything done until now :slight_smile:
qwe: thats how its supposed to be :smiley:

Now for the update:
I know its a little dark, tell me if you think I should put more lights in.

Comments welcome!