Good day.

I finished this picture.

The temple is amazing, nice dramatic lighting and excellent texturing.

However, the terrain feels like you simply used a basic heightmap technique for the actual geometry. I think you could do wonders adding a combination of displacement and dyntopo sculpting to bring out crags, cliffs, crevices, ect…

nice building, could work well as a location in a wide variety of different genres. judging by the oriental architecture though the rock does seem a bit smooth and not grey enough for the parts of the world where this sort of thing is found.

Is there a boss encounter that awaits my arrival in there?

Love it. Did you take the shot from afar intentionally and can we view the structures from a closer perspective?

nice lines on the model. pretty sweet.

colors good fits

new version

Near terrain needs some work :confused:

Really nice atmosphere and model, but I do agree that the terrain needs more detailed actual displacement.

good job. the mountain and the birds are nice touches.
(edit) the values of the shadows from near to far seem off. I don’t use cycles much so I’m not sure what is going on with that. Are you using volumetric mist maybe?

The lack of definition in the terrain seems to be even more obvious now with the new lighting, I still think it could have more detailed and refined features by way of things like displacement.