Temples... again... (*UPDATED*)

(S68) #1

Ok, last one, time to switch to some Gate :smiley:

UPDATE -> Added the LightFlow version (guess which it is?)<-

->http://www.selleri.org/Blender/images/temple2-tn.jpg<- ->http://www.selleri.org/Blender/images/temple2lf-tn.jpg<-



(BgDM) #2

Very nice.

Some of the edges are way too sharp IMO. The top rail at the left of the image, (supported on posts), has a very right angle edge on the far right. Doesn’t look too realistic. The pillars are very nice, but should also have less straight cuts/breaks in them. Maybe subsurf them and add a very high stucci bump to make them look more real. You could leave some of them sharp, but not all of them.

SGT Squeaks will be very happy with all those bevels :wink:

Now, what the hell are those things flying around in the sky!?!?!? :o


(kaktuswasse) #3

Now, what the hell are those things flying around in the sky!?!?!? icon_eek.gif

I would like to know that,too… They arhem… look not so nice :smiley:
i would leave them away.
The stone could be more “stony” with a bump-map or something like that…
Other than that nice pic.

cya henrik

(blengine) #4

those things flying in the air would look stunning if they were more of a formed organic bird or something… or bats… but they look aweful in this so beautiful scene =)
a great picture! :o and your lighting and modeling rocks, i agree bgdm too, some edges are way too shrap, almost looking like artifacts =\

(JarellSmith) #5

Very nice work.

I was just curious, how did you make the ‘flutes’? on the top of the columns. Sorry if I missed this in another post if it was asked already.


(stephen2002) #6

the broken off parts of the colums look very much like a mesh with no smoothing and not natural damage

The rest of the scene is good, the flying things look like rips to another dimension. :wink:

(Dittohead) #7

nice sky nice image.

somethings missing though. can’t tell what it is. :-?

nice work though. 8)

(Bapsis) #8

Very nice modeling on the pillars, other than what else has been suggested for improvements, i think your on a great start to a very nice picture. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(S68) #9

Ok, I quote you being the first, but thanx to all for the comments 8)

I’ll try to work on those edges, you are right. Subsurf is not an option for two reasons:

1 - Each column (only the column, without its basement and capital) is > 30000 vertexes. I can’t affort subsurfing.

I’ll try to subdivide and smooth + Some higher bumps, but this will imply thet I have to assign a different material to those meshes :wink:

Actually cuts are so sharp because that material looks marble in Blender (sort of) but is translated into Crystal in the LightFlow export script 8) And crystal breaks with sharp edges… wait for rendering :wink:

Things in air are star tetrahedrons… placed there for the sake of surrealism (as im my recent architectonical threads - planes + tower, bubbles + temple 1… I’m satisfied with shape, not with material

Ionic capitals are made like that… I used a NURB curve to bevel a NURB profile. THis could have been enought i Blender, but not inLightFlow where the internal surfaces which are generated this way would have become evident… hence I converted them to meshes and went mad with the intersect feature to get rid of internal vertexes/faces :frowning:

please tell!!! Sky is a Blender world, with planes flowing around with a couple of cloud textures on each…

Thanks again


(ec2) #10

My favorite part of your render is the circular temple floor.

How did you get the stones to line up or apper in the round pattern? The sides meet up properly. How? (Spin Dup or Dupliverts) Can you explain?

I wonder what the objects would look like if the grey material was lighter, like in your previous temple, or maybe a little lighter than that?

Nice work.

(S68) #11


floor is made by preparing the profile of 1 tile, with its bevel, Spin a little, bevel edges, Spindup, Decimating. Once for each circlo of tiles…


(ec2) #12

Thanks. I understand those tools at a basic level. I will try to figure out how to make it work.

(ec2) #13

Here is an attempt at a similiar floor. Its wrong though.


(S68) #14

It is nice…

faults (if any) are:

1 - you modeled a ring of brick and scaled it down.

2 - You didn’t rotate the rings

point 1 makes rings thinner and thinner (and, since the center of your mesh ring isn’t at ground level, inner rings also sank)

point 2 doesn’t make a nice ‘bricky’ tiling.

Single tile is pretti nice though, maybe even too smooth :wink:

I modeled each ring of tiles separately, mantaining constant width and pulling down the number of bricks per ring as I was going to the center…

keep it up!


(ec2) #15

That light flow render is insane! Cool. I may have to purchase it soon.
I’ve tried the POV Anim script, but it dosen’t allow bump mapping yet.
(I’m also thinking of buying Cararra Studio 2)

(S68) #16

Light Flow is free…



(BgDM) #17

Excellent LF render. How long for that one to render?

Also, is there a very good tute for figuring out how to use that damned script, (as far as editing it properly, etc.)? If so, can I have a link?


(S68) #18

Didn’t took the time :frowning: around 2 hours.

I won’t write a tute… eeshlo has written a great DOC with new script… will be released soon :wink:


(ec2) #19

Light Flow is free…



Not for commercial use though right?

(rogerm3d) #20

Like the pics but whats up with the funky purple on the second one?
Not much other bashing I can do since the pillers are allready broken. :wink:
Love the red ground though
:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: