Tempo para escrever

“There’s still time to write something”
After three weeks of working on int I can call it finished.
All done in Blender 3D, with some parts sculpted and textured in ZBrush. That tree is called “Ipê Amarelo” and it is known as the national symbol in Brazil.
Cycles 2500 samples.

I don´t know if my eyes get worst or the materials of the machine get better but it look great now, If You care, I think the texture of the desk look something like pixelated, the leather texture of the chair is too big and the texture of the trunk have something weird. I liked the sky, so simple and blue, the wall paper, the machine , the wood of the chair. The table cloth look something like pixelated too.

Hello juanrav,

Thanks for the comments. All textures used in the scene are high resolution, proportional to the size of the scene. For the flower stayed in evidence I had to lower the saturation of all textures. Perhaps this process has generated some weird textures but really I can not see it.
The chair has a fabric that simulates cotton, it isn’t leather.
Oh yeah, I tried to improve the textures of the typewriter too.:slight_smile:

Oh this is nicely done CC. The typewriter came out fantastic. I’ll bet you a large majority of the forum here, never used or possibly seen a typewriter in real life… I guess that dates me:) The aging on the machine and modeling really looks good.

I enjoyed going back in time a bit with this.

Many thanks Harley, :eyebrowlift:
You’re right. I believe that we are actually older here. I really like those old days, and especially those who I have not lived.
A smaller additional information: that was the first time I tried to apply color theory in Blender. And I tell you, it wasn’t so hard. I had to adjust all the textures and shaders for the palette I chose. The lighting was not a big problem too.
Here is the palette I chose:

Looking very nice to my eye, CC. And, I like the vertical composition. Sculpting in ZBrush? Did you do some of the work at school then. My workspace should have a nice view. As always a pleasure viewing your work.

Many thanks theoldghost ;).