Temporary files?

Hi there, so for some odd reason I just screwed up one of my blend files and it isn’t working properly… I remember having a similar problem several months ago and there was some folder on the computer where Blender was saving plenty of temporary files…

I just can’t find/remember the path to that folder. So could someone please help me?


if you’re using 2.5 it should be in a folder labeled “blender” inside of the 2.5 program folder. (This is for the zipped version off of blender.org)
for 2.4 it should be wherever you have your temp folder set to, the default is C: mp

Ok, thanks… even if I was already afraid that someone might say that… :frowning:

There was no tmp folder due to the limitations of Windows 7… (-_-) just great… gotta do all over again :frowning:

Thanks anyway! :confused:

[edit] Ah, nvm… thank God… I found out what was wrong with my blend file…

But one more question… aren’t there supposed to be several files in the tmp folder? So far thers only one named “quit”. (made the tmp folder manually)

here’s what I googled:

I’m not sure about Windows 7, but I know Vista still uses the same tmp folder for blender (that link may not help). Could you explain the issue with windows 7? if anything else, open the start menu and search for .blend and see what you get

The C:\users<i>username\AppData\Local\Temp only stores the temp files from FireFox and other programs… (looked for blend files in that folder)…

The temp folder for Blender seems to be set to C: mp. The problem is that Blender probably was supposed to create it by itself when saving a file in it but with Windows 7 (and its Administrator rights) probably didn’t allow Blender to do that… :confused:

I just had this problem and thankfully I did find the temp files in: C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\

I guessed it had to exist because I had rendered and played back animation without creating a temp folder. I found the folder by searching for the rendered frames. Maybe this note will help someone else who is using pre 2.5 versions of Blender on Windows 7.

Where are these files stored in Linux and on the Mac?

With OSX the default location should be Macintosh HD / private / tmp. This is a hidden folder in Finder.