Temporary Mirror.

I have a model which started one sided with a mirror modifier. When it was time for rigging I applied the mirror.

Now of course I want to edit the mesh, you guessed it, both sides equally. Is there a way to temporarily apply a mirror? Or do I need to separate part of the mesh, delete half, mirror, modify, apply and join again?

I don’t want to get into any mess with the mesh losing the armature, it’s my first foray into IK and it’s taken me blimmin ages!!

Any other ideas that won’t make me want to kill myself appreciated.


Well there is the Symmetrize Operator.
Mesh: Symmetrize
You can edit one side of the mesh, then select everything (in edit mode) and search for symmetrize (or find it in the mesh menu). In the operator options at the bottom left you can then select th axis. X- to X+ for example means, that everything gets copied from x- to x+. I don’t know how it might mess up the rigging…
i hope it keeps you alive - i really don’t see any other possibilities.

Many thanks Stuntkoala, I’ll give this a go later.

This will help you also:

It’s in the (T) toolshelf, while in edit mode, under options. It generally works pretty well, and I use it a lot. But there are some things you’ll want to note:

  • It doesn’t tell you if an operation failed to mirror. Some operations do not mirror. Sometimes verts are slightly misaligned outside of the threshold and the mirror fails. Be aware.
  • It can act oddly and unexpectedly when manipulating verts/geometry along the center line.
  • It’s enabled/disabled on a per-object level, not globally. This can really mess you up if you forget to turn it off when you’re done and make non-symmetrical changes later.