Temporary Motion Blur?

Is there any way to activate a motion blur filter at a specific time in an animation, and turn it off a few seconds later? I need to to happen on its own without the player pressing any buttons…

Well, you could use a Timer, and use a Property sensor to see when the timer reaches your set values. If you’re using Python, you can just make a timer yourself.

I cant get a filter to remove… It just wont go away

I also have no idea how to make the timer thing work

upload your blend, i’ll do it, and show you.

ok give me a second… I need to fix the animation lol

I need the motion blur to activate from frame 56 to 59 of the selected armature’s f-curve… Currently the animation doesnt play in game until “numpad 7” is pressed


First, make a property on the object with the animation called “anim”
set it to int.
Next in the text box of the actuator for the animation that says “frame property” write “anim”
After that, create a property sensor, and set it to interval.
set the min and max values as the values you asked to turn on the blur.
Connect the property sensor to an AND sensor, and in turn the AND sensor to a motion blur filter

Now, Do the same as above, (but don’t create another property, use anim again). this time, click the INV button on the property sensor. Now change the actuator to a remove filter, and make it remove the motion blur.
Should work!

How do I make it remove the motion blur? I cant make it remove anything

Like agoose said, there’s a ‘Remove Filter’ actuator (it’s a Filter 2D actuator, set to ‘Remove Filter’ mode). You select which filter pass to remove, and it will remove the filter occupying that particular pass.

oh… How do I know which pass the motion blur is on? Sorry I’m a serious noob when it comes to game logic

Well, it’s whatever pass you placed it on. You see, whenever you add a 2D filter, you have to place it on a ‘layer’, basically. You can’t have more than one filter on a pass, but you can do several passes with different (or the same) filters. If you just added a simple 2D filter, it’s probably on pass 0, so you can just use the Remove Filter actuator set to pass 0. If it doesn’t seem to work, ensure that you’re not constantly running the 2D filter.

I must have the logic wrong… nothing works

I tried to get your demo to work, but it ran too slowly on my computer. So, I whipped up a quick and very simple example showing how to activate a filter, and deactivate a filter.

FilterTest.blend (350 KB)

As you can see in the example, the Invert filter is activated once, when the Delay sensor activates it after 100 frames. It is on pass number 0. The second Delay sensor activates the Remove Filter actuator after 200 frames. The Remove Filter actuator is on pass number 0, as well (so that it removes the filter that is on pass number 0, which is the Invert filter).

That setup wont really work for me, seeing as the blur is dependent on an animation that doesnt play until the player gets close enough