Temporary Volunteer work! If success you will be paid :)

Hey guys!!

I’m looking for some help developing a game, No no no… Not coding, the modelling/animating/texturing of, umm animals in particular. So if you interested about possible pay, please either add me on skype: andrew-bra, or private message me your skype name (Skype is a big yes please!! :D), The idea of the game will be explained once you add me. Pleqase also remember we are looking for people who are relitivly experienced with blender

Thank you guys!! :slight_smile:

i have several years of experience with modelling over the span of three modelling programs, granted my blender experience is somewhat light, i am getting somewhat more experienced, please do tell me what you have in mind.

Do you have skype? This will be further explained though skype…? :slight_smile: