Temporizer, Make Temporary Snapshot Versions (2.79 / 2.80)

This is an improved and better integrated version of my previous “savetemp” addon. It is also ready for 2.80 You can use the same file for both 2.79 and 2.80.

Basically this add-on lets you easily make temporary snapshots of your currently open file in a predefined folder, so that you can make as many file versions as you want without worrying about saving over your originals or polluting your project folders with many versions of the same file.

It is great for making tests and trials with your opened file, it is also great when you want to version your files frequently but you do not want to save them in
your project folders.

It also works great with new scenes that are never saved as a real .blend file. Call it a scratchpad.

It is basically a fire and forget versioning. Version it while you can, why not?

You might want to define a cache folder in the settings. Otherwise the add-on just saves to system’s temporary folder. The versions are suffixed with the time of the save.

Make sure you assign a shortcut to it so that versioning becomes even easier.

You can get it from the link below for free. Just put “0” in the price box.
Gumroad Download Link


Demonstration GIF


Awesome addon. This really should be included with Blender by default. Thank you for making this. Soon as I become employed I will contribute a little $. Definitely worth it.

Thanks for getting it!

The reason I made is because Blender’s own logic of .blend backups is futile at least in my use case.

Also it works awesome when I just want to play around in Blender and not bother with saving the file for real.

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