Ten (10) Blender Videotutorials!

Hi there!

You can visit my Vimeo video page to view and download 10 videotutorials NEVER seen before on the web. I was going for a Blender DVD but some problems stopped me from completing my work. If you find it hard to view them at my Vimeo video page you can also locate the dowload (AVI) button (bottom right corner) and download them to your hard drive!


Thank you.
Dimitris Christou (gr8!)

Hi, thanks for the tutorials, just watched the sequence editor one- very informative… you mentioned in there that you would like to do a more detailed one on the sequence editor- is that video available yet? I didnt see any thing like that in the list?

but thanks once again for sharing!

I’ve stopped making video tutorials (for now;)). If you watch the other videos you’ll hear me promissing to do this and that on future video tutorials but sadly there won’t be new ones (though I still got 2-3 more to upload)… Glad you like it/them!

Ciao Dimitris, first of all thank you very much for these tutorials. We know Blender community is famous for its generous contributors, and you keep this good tradition flying high! :yes:

I have one question about tutorial n.10 “StudioSpot”.
In the light setup you put a light under the ground plane to fake the bouncing effect, kind of radiosity.
Could you explain me why that soft luminance is visible through the plane? Is the plane transparent, or has it some other special properties?

Thank you in advance for the good job, I know many people will learn a lot from you - as I am doing right now. :wink:

Hello gr8! one,
just a quick note to tall you that I was very impressed with your demo reel! It is the best “blender made” one i have seen. :slight_smile: What did you use to render your demo reel? It doesn’t look yafray and definitely not internal … just wondering …

Thanks for sharing!

Hey, great tutorials! I was wondering if you would like to let me use them in a little blender site I am putting together.

It’s been a long time since I’ve made these video tutorials but if my memory doesn’t fail me you don’t have to do anything special with the ground plane (make it transparent etc). I think that since our bounce light doesn’t use shadows it can cast light through the plane. Have you tried recreating the scene?

Let’s leave them there for now… Sorry. You can always use a link to the video page. I might delete them (from my Vimeo video page) in the future; so I’ll let you know.

Great tutorials, thanks

To be honest most of my demoreel clips are made with Cinema 4D core ver9.5 (no GI but some tricks applied). I really wish I could make such things with Blender; well maybe I can but whenever I want to create something I end up firing up my C4D copy. I might not trust my Blender skills yet (and thats a sad thing to say when you’re making videotutorials for others to watch and learn from!).
Thank you all for your kind words too!