TEN Challenge

hello everyone!
i’m glad to share with all my entry in the challenge called “TEN” of CGSociety. Three months of work (in my spare time), It’s not a “block buster”, but i think the result it’s equilibrated. Blender ready for production? OF COURSE,

You can check the short:


And Making Off:

I Hope you like It!

Ok, now the links can be see here … sorry :smiley:

Great short! Do you have a cg-society thread?

Thanks LiquidApe!
yes I have thread :


Thanks for your support!

Awesome short, I really enjoyed it! Great work!

very nice I like it

Great short. Love the style of the characters and the colors you used. All the best in the competition! :slight_smile:

How did you do the morphing mesh? Do you use shape keys?

Thanks people!

Led, I use two rigs and switch between them in one frame (visibility) :smiley: you can see the two rigs in the making off :smiley:

One tip (rigging) that i hope to make a short tutorial soon, It’s the “8 point control” for the mouth of the main Character. With this, you can play with 8 blendshapes in one control, and no overlaping between them :slight_smile:


Great Short! Love the part where he hides behind the wreck…Well done!

A tutorial would be great! :slight_smile: You have some excellent skills to have pulled this off. Were you working alone on this short?

Thanks Paint Guy!,
yes I’m work alone in this project :smiley:

Simply outstanding work!


Now, the tutorial!


Nice short! And thanks for making of and tutorial!
How you did breath animation and bike jiggling? Is it some kind of script or animation modifier?
Tell us more about it please! =)

Hey Cronk!
thanks for your comment, yes its a “rigging script”, I hope to make a little tutorial about this soon!

congrats on the prize!