Ten-year-old girl gets vein grown from her stem cells

She had poor blood flow between her intestines and liver.

It starts with a donor vein which is then effectively put through a washing machine in which repeated cycles of enzymes and detergents break down and wash away the person’s cells.

It leaves behind a scaffold. This is then bathed in stem cells from the 10-year-old’s bone marrow. The end product is a vein made from the girl’s own cells.

Thank you for sharing this. This is truly a medical breakthrough which could eventually completely change the way medical procedures are handled. This kind of technology is almost unthinkable. Look at this, now they are able to convert human skin cells into stem cells.

adult stem cells have been curing diseases for a long long time,
embryonic stem cells on the the hand 0

embryonic stem cells on the the hand 0

This is ridiculously controversial, so I don’t even see why they keep trying.

I am always glad when new medical breakthroughs happen, go science go!