tencil painting

can you guys tell me how to merge painted UV baked pic with baked normal mapped picture together so that te model has baked high poly details and is painted as well.

i used tencil painting over the model in texture paint mode. but i noticed it overpainted on my model. i thought the details of normal baked maps would stay. but now im confused.

Use one texture for the normal map and one texture for the texture paint.
Set the first to influence the normals and the other to influence the object colour.
You will then see both textures doing their own thing

For help please supply a blend file (with your textures) and show what you want to achieve. You also need to supply basic info such as your renderer, the relevant solution may be different for different applications.

can you pleas tell me how to merge normal map with the texture map?

You don’t merge a normal map with anything. You use it on a texture slot of its own, and set it to affect Normal and not Color. By Texture map I assume you mean the Color Texture (Diffuse) and that also goes in a texture slot in the same material, and should be set to affect Color.

Thank you so much. the problem was the copy pasting the previous texture in the same material lot which made loading the same image

okay, good, keep blending then!