Tennis Anyone?

Could I get some expert help on this?

I’m trying to produce a collection of balls (partly to learn texturing) and the tennis ball eludes me.

I’ve played with it a lot but it just doesn’t look right… the example above
is about as good as I’ve gotten.

If you want to see exactly what my settings were, the .blend is at

I intend to add other sports to this file, but I’d like to get porosity right first.

My intention is to create a library of useful props. You can get more
details on the library itself by following this thread


If you don’t mind having longish renders for your ball, you could look at the method for volumetric fur (concentric nor-mapped noise texture surfaces) at the bottom of this page:

Shouldn’t it be yellow?

I always assume that my hardware platform will eventually catch up
to the thing I want to do next. :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look at FakeFur to see if I can persuade it to see things my way.

The whole point of a ball library would be to have the right ball for the job,
so having multiiple instances (good fuzzosity for a CU, fast renders for the
game (yellow for more modern players)) would be entirely on track.

Thanks for the input.