tensorflow and the bge

would anyone be interested in putting tensorflow and the bge together? Tensorflow is a second-generation machine-learning system.would the bge benefit from this?

This really is too generic a question to warrant a post

What makes it so generic?Me not providing a link to it.I thought it would be a great resource to make a great dialogue system.And better and more lifelike npc’s.

I don’t understand why people feel the need to be like that.

From what I understand BGE is lacking development. While certainly having AI in the game engine would be cool, I doubt that it will be included; in fact, I am unsure how much longer BGE will exist.

Here is the link if anyone would like to use it in their videogames.

It says you can copy and paste it to python and use it.

If you remove the proper noun, and replace it with another, it still seems equally plausible, and hence isn’t really a question with much of an answer.

What makes it so generic?Me not providing a link to it.I thought it would be a great resource to make a great dialogue system.And better and more lifelike npc’s.

It’s just a software library. It has no immediate or slightly proximate relation to a game engine. It seems like you saw some news with the words “machine” and “learning” and posted straight after.

TensorFlow is really good when used to drive machine learning, with large data sets. Real-time AI isn’t about training an AI system, but executing it. TensorFlow could hypothetically be used in the process of building some description of AI that is executed in a game engine, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the right tool for the job, or that it would be performant. To do this, you’d need to model AI based on a fixed set of variables that affect the AI state, and then train it on lots of examples (which for the most part, games (being simulations), don’t have - they are the examples)).

I can see that my original post was curt, and appears rude, my apologies. I would suggest thinking more carefully about what you’re writing about before you post, so that you might answer the question for yourself.

I good video game AI is not perfect, and its not terrible.

What AI really needs, is a list of actions it could take, and a way to randomly choose, but with weights on the likelyness of occurrence.

like 1/20 chance of jumping, spining off a ledge a shooting you in the face (if availible)

so script part 1 = see what is possible, via raycast or even some type of local labels like empties bearing a list of possibility.
example list = [[Ladder,location],[[Small hole to crawl in,location]]

  1. use local variables like health and ammo to weight those decisions,

  2. randomly roll a choice based on established odds.

That could be accomplished without tensorflow.They said tensorflow learns like people do.
Maybe tensorflow could be used to make creatures in a videogame.That interact with their environment realistically.

That would be a nice thing to focus on for a few months,

Did you go to the websight?Tensorflow may allow npc’s to show emotions to.Like in one of the bioshock videogames.

What do you mean by “emotions”? Animated expressions? Tensorflow is “simply” a neural network implementation, nowhere related to graphics.

Edit: also if you know enough to make a use case for it, your background should allow you to have it interacting with the BGE easily.

After reading about it, this would make a good enemy, however training it would require some time, and I am not sure it would be more fun then a standard AI,

Maybe a mix?

use deep learning to choose from pre slugged actions, and maybe some sort of adaptive behaviors derived from the preslugged actions and player actions?

the Ai eventually is reslugging the tags?

Emotions like having a npc be unique in how it responds to things.Tensorflow could be used to procedurally generate enemies.Tensorflow has a flexible architecture allows you to deploy computation to one or more CPUs or GPUs in a desktop.

That would be great if somebody would implement that in there games.I would like to see that on a youtube video.:slight_smile:

I got email from someone working with tensorflow and blender.And i asked him to post a video of it.Lets see if he will.