Teorical question about Actions and States

Hey guys, i have a little question about how the actions or actions actuators works, specially in loop mode. do the action actuators pass between states? or all the actuators are deactivated when changed state.


Usually an actuator gets a deactivation signal on state change when the new state has no connection to the actuator.
Since 2.62 there is a bug in the animation system. Which means the action actuator do not behave properly.

Maybe it gets fixed with 2.63

Oh thanks! So there is the problem. The bug is in whole animation system or only changing states?

Using Ubuntu i have worst problem, sometimes the current frame jump to another, or sometimes dont start (this happend in the same state). On Windows happen the same, but less frecuency. What version you recommend me? Currently have the last.

there are some other bugs too. This is a specific one.

You can try to workaround by deactivating the actuator explicit before changing the state. My tries were not really successfully with that. But it depends on your situation.

Great, thanks. I will try saving the action name in a property. I have another question, the action are keys or atributtes(i dont know the correct word) of game_object class, right?
You think it work stoping the action just with stopAction() , if use multiple layer using a loop for to stop all. I will probe it too.