ter2blend + env map

(kai_yak) #1


I am importing a landscape with mountain and water from terragen with ter2blend. I am then inserting a logo made in blender and i want put a reflection of the logo on the water below the logo. Is this possible?

Can env map work in this situation or will i have to find a way of faking it. Maybe post processing.

Thanks !


(RipSting) #2

You’ll have to fake it somehow in post processing since the water is calculated in Terragen itself. I think with a program called “Forester” you might be able to import your logo into terragen and render it there.

(S68) #3

Otherwise you can try this:

Import stuff in Blender, water too is imported, as a plane,
Add some stucci bumpmap to the plane so that, rendering, it looks somewhat like Terragen water.

Cut away most of the plane leaving only the region where reflection will be.

Compute the reflection as standard in Blender.

Play hard with the alpha slider and alpha texture so that the reflection blends nicely with the background terragen pic.

Hope this works