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help help…i have a few questions…i managed to import the mountains mesh, but it there a way i can import textures and lighting?

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AFAIK you can’t,

for lightning you must note on paper the angles characterizing the illumination in Terrragen and then reproduce them with a Blender light of the sun type (this doesn’t cast shadows :frowning:

For texturing they are Terragen Procedural textures, so, no way…


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iamgrandpaboy: as Stefano said, you must:

(a) note the camera placement and angle and also the lighting placement and angle from Terragen and then use them in the script.

(b)If you are not worried about that, then you can discard that after you import the terrain mesh. You can then add textures etc. to the terrain mesh and light, etc. how you want from there.

If you are doing an anim in blender, then the second option is your choice for sure. For stills, using the Terragen image in the backbuf is by far the best way to do it.

i believe forum donkey is next

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What about “Has way too much time on his hands and does nothing but post to elysiun.com

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Follow the script tutorials. You don’t need to import the textures. They show up in the backbuffer image and it appears that the textures are imported.

Create the terrain in Terragen (along with textures)
Run Ter2Blend.
Do your 3D work.
Make the animation in Blender or move the Blender camera.
Run the Blend2Ter to convert Blenders camera position to Terragen. That will get the backbuffer images to correspond, so the textures will match.

Ter2Blend imports the mesh to allow you to place objects in a 3D environment.
Ter2Blend uses the Terragen images to put in a backbuffer, so that the textures appear on your terrain from the point of view of the Terragen camera (aligned with the Blender camera)