ter2blend in XP

(kos) #1

as i said in the news and chat a few days ago that i’m going to upgrade from win98 to XP …that means i have to change the python paths that i set to run ter2blend properly… :frowning: .is it or the script will run fine as it ran in 98 after setting the path in autoexec.bat?how to do it in XP? 8)

(theeth) #2

XP (like NT) doesn’t use autoexec.bat

To set a path, you have to edit the system variables in the control panel (System -> Advanced, I think). Add a new variable and define it.


(CrimsonX84) #3

i asked a similar question in one of the posts in here. And S68 said somthing about editing the environment variables. Change it by
right click on My Computer
Choose Properties
then go to the Advaced tab
and Environment Variables
thats it… :smiley: