ter2blend problem...

ok…i got the script working after a hellish time…but am i happy?NO!!
when i click “draw” i get this:

ERROR:Python Script Error:Check Console…

Any Suggestions?

You checked the console? What does it say?

oh yeah! sorry! :expressionless: (d-uh)

console says:

Terragen terrain file continue
traceback (most recent call last):
File “terrain”,line 286,in bevent
File “terrain”,line 304,in draw
File “terrain”,line 379,in sun
AttributeError:attribute not found

I am no expert on script stuff (nor any other blend stuff, I am learning) so you better hope someone else will read this subject soon… :wink: But I can give it a try anyways. Do you run from the provided blend file or did you import the py scripts (Ter2Blendv4.py, Blend2Ter.py, Camera.py, Forrester2Blen.py) into the blender text window yourself? If you did the first it should work already and I can’t help you… But I assume you did the last thing, then it’s important that your scene contains at least the following with the correct names (think case sensitive aswell) :

A camera (Camera)
A spot light (shadow)
A Hemi light (hemi)

The lights should be (I think) on the same place and in the same direction, also they need to be quite big though I don’t know if that’s essential for the Terragen terrain import. I also placed a plane with the cast shadow only material (Shadow Only) in it. Well, that’s basicly all I know on how to get Ter2Blend working I hope it can be any helpfull. If I knew how to upload a blend file here I would send you my default scene it contains all the right stuff to get it working properly but then again I don’t… good luck anyways!

ok…i ran the .blend provided in the zip download.
i was following a tutorial to the letter so i got all the camera position,alignment,sun loc and elevation etc right i’m sure. :expressionless:

Hmm… guess I’m not the one with the solution for your problem then… sorry mate! You might try to use older versions of blender though, but I doubt that’ll be usefull since here it works with 2.37a…

Do you have the correct version of ter2blend?


The projects page has 1 file, v3.0


but you need v4.0 to work with Blender 2.36 and later. So use the email in the 1st link to get v4.0