(Detritus) #1

Hi! Has anyone heard anything about Ter2Blend and whether it will be developed in the future? I´ve tried to e-mail the author about this, but he doesn´t respond. :frowning:

Anyway I would be glad to hear anything about it, since Ter2Blend is a very important tool for me.

(SKPjason) #2

I’d love for Ter2Blend to continue devlopment… but it already does quite a lot… tho Id love bigger landscapes… Of course… I would also love Terragen itself to have continued devlopment… but it seems to be in limbo…


(ray_theway) #3

I’ve only messed around with Ter2Blend, and I really, really, REALLY like Terragen and Blender. Please keep with it! I’m thinking of making a movie with the landscapes in Terragen and the objects I can create in Blender…

(gvr) #4

Hello people

I’m the author of the ter2blend scripts.
Regarding the scripts. I really want to continue with the development (some urgent bugs, working with the latest version of python,…). But I halted development long ago because the uncertain evolution of the blender python API.
I don’t want to put hours work in a script and learn afterwards that the python API has changed again. I think many script writers share the same opinion.
But there is a bright light a the skyline. Read the last mail of Tom. Let us hope this will bring us a stable and documented API.

Long live Blender