Hello everyone!

This is my first post on these forums so I figured I would show you guys my latest project! The buildings were initially made in blender and then imported into zbrush to beat them up a little bit. The construction beams, lights, and cables were also made in blender and then used as insert brushes in zbrush. The character was made solely in Zbrush. The final scene was rendered out in passes with Zbrush and then compiled with photoshop. The beauty renders of the creature were done using Blender’s cycles. This was my first time using cycles for a project and I’m glad I did. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the work that I have done!

More beauty renders in cycles!

Wow the monster is amazing but the scene doesn’t really do it’s justice.

Sorry but I must say I enjoyed the shot of the beast itself more than the final image.

That’s really impressive.
I may agree with sheepHD… Your scene is very nice and well though but the camera angle and the darkness may be revised to give your character a better viewability.

excellent anyway

I have to disagree with the above two posters. The scene doesn’t necessarily have to be an exposition of the monster. That’s what the other pics are for. I think the scene is appropriately ominous. The monster almost blends in with the buildings and that’s very suggestive of how far into apocalytic disaster the world has descended.

Thanks for the feedback guys! Yeah Jouissance, that is what I was going for haha. Glad you all like the sculpt. :slight_smile:

Well let me start by saying that this image blew my mind everything about it is great and i can’t find the words to describe this truly magnificent masterpiece.
The amount of details and work that went into making this sculpt is something to admire.
This image is truly a feast for the eye and it made me wonder how this image is not getting the attention it deserve .

Very nice, that creature must have taken some time!