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I started just a little ago with blender, and found this Terblend plug in I’m also a newbie whit python. so when i tried to use the hole package an error appears whit the module. I do what the tutorial tells me to but it gets confusing with the IDLE (python GUI), I get an answer simillar to the one they have. The question is Whear & How do I edit the Python IDLE.
I Got the Terblend from
Can somebody help me please[

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You need to make sure you have the full install version of Python 2.

Blender comes with a Python module but it’s not the full version, http://www.python.org/download/download_windows.html

This is where you can download the full 5Mb version of Python for windows, if you need it for another platform, you shuld be able to find it here http://www.python.org.

Once you have this installled on your computer run the terblend files again and it should work without errors.


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OK I downloade Python 2.0.1, I started Ter2blend and in the right window I press Alt+P. Now my dos windows reads
File “Terrain”, line 127, in ?
Import error: No module name os :o
I know I sound bery ignorant with this but I’m :-?
What do I do Nex? Set the python path?
Thanks you are a really help!

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Are you using Publisher or Creator, as I’ve found some Python scripts etc, that were written for Creator only work with creator? (Head creator script for example.)


From memory, you need to put the python dll file into the same directory as your Blender.exe.

There will already be one there.

Forgive me if this is incorrect, I’m at work and miles from a Blender.

Will check back though once I’ve been back to my Blender.


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Iam using Blender creator V2.2 to give you an idea as to whear I stand
I’m running windows 98
I’v install blender in C/Program files/Blender
and python is in C:/python
:frowning: I’m not sure how to put the python dll in the blender.exe dir
beleave it or not I love learning what ever i can
and right now i concider this the biguest help thanks!

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Ed, this is gonna kill you…

I can’t leave work for another 4 hrs yet, shouldn’t even be on this forum lol.

I’ll check as soon as I get in at home and will check all the details for you then…if you can wait that long.

Possibly someone else who has more Blender knowledge than myself could help in the meantime.

Although you could open a brand new Blend file, then enter the Python location in the Blender window as you suggested, then press CTRL U to save the user defaults, then try your terragen import.

You will need to change the Python addy for each Blend created before you did this tho’ cause they’ll be using the previous user defaults.

Hope this helps


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here`s an old post that we had the same problem,
and theeth came to our rescue!


hope this helps,


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:o This is my face a second after I press Alt+P
:smiley: HEY IT WORKS!!!
Now I’m ready to learn both PYTHON and Blender
I know this is not the last time I’m asking for help
any suggestions?
8) Nice meeting you Sonix,Dale

Thanks a lot a new friend Ed.

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thank you, it’s always nice to see someone point to your posts as reference :slight_smile:

I also made a newbie friendly post on how to set the Python path with Windows NT, 2K or XP there. That post also includes the Info window fix: http://www.blender.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=phpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=514



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How ‘bout this :-?
Just whend I thohght I had it I’m going trouht a tutorial in loading the terrain. I saved a .Bmp. converted it to .tga, and I also have a .ter
I also got my parameters for Camera post ect.
I got’em all in my documents (in my descktop) So I do
Shift F7 To load the (Land).tga
Then hit the little button and back buff to select the backbuff image
I tried the two (Land).tga & bmp, Set my parameters
and hit DRAW. But it gives me an erro!
I0 ERROR:[Errno 2] No such file or directory ’ d:\My files\ er2blend.txt’
this dir is pointing to my D drive whend I specified C:\MyDocuments\Land.ter Any Ideas

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Ed, thanks for the reply.

Had a thrash with terblend yesterday with great success… :stuck_out_tongue:

I found that you need to add a inannimate object, anywhere, and then when you have this object selected (Pink) press ALT P over the Terblend script. This then ran the script ok.

It did recreate the original terrain mesh from Terragen, but I ended up just using the shadow plane and the backbuf image, with the same results.(To a point anyway.) The Terrain size must be 257x257 or less (terragen’s default size is 257x257).

Don’t know if this is causing your problem? I couldn’t get it to work with Blender Publisher, but it works well within Creator which you have.
I also had to add the correct paths in the Autoexec.bat file on my comp and reboot for the correct Python paths to be displayed within Blender.
See Theeth’s post re this method.

Quote “But it gives me an erro!
I0 ERROR:[Errno 2] No such file or directory ’ d:\My files\ er2blend.txt’
this dir is pointing to my D drive whend I specified C:\MyDocuments\Land.ter Any Ideas”

it seems to be pointing to the terblend.txt files, which it won’t find as they’re packed into the Blend file. try unpacking the Blend file from within Blender tothe directory it’s requesting i.e. : d:\My files\ er2blend.txt’

Leave me a post here if you need any more info, or if I can be of any more help.


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Really I’m the one who is thank full for you taking the time in helping me
it’s not until now that i’m closer to do this stuff a couple of days ago i was about to give up this blender/ Python, program

now one thing i don’t know its how to unpack the blender file.
Do I just go to tools, Unpack data to current dir and taht’s it…?
:frowning: Well this didn’t do it for me… But I dont think I’m doing the right steps.

Thank you for your time!

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Ed usure about the pack/unpack. Have you tried append?

O anyone can host a Blend file for dowload, please leave a note, and dircetions



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Thanks !
I will try the append and see if it works !

What do you mean ANY ONE can host a blend for down load
is there any way for me to help in this? Please advice

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Incorrect grammar and spelling on my part Ed.

Should have read,’ Can anyone host a blend file for open download by those who may find it helpful?’

As emailing it each time can be tedious.

Any joy with the append method?


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Well I’m sorry about that missunderstanding!
but still I would like to be able to help others the way I’m been help

The append! No I feel i’m getting lost!
I don’t understand the append or the pack, unpack can you help!

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Append means to import anything you created in a previous project(.Blend file) into the current project.

Blender stores all it’s information from each file within the .Blend. This means all textures, materials, animations, objects, meshes …etc., all of which can then be imported into new projects.

To use Append, press the SHIFT key and F1 key together, with your mouse over the 3d window.

A load file window opens, find the .Blend file you want to import from, and left click on it, this will open the .blend file like a directory. Choose Materials, if you want materials, objects if you want premade and textured meshes. Texts if you want scripts, etc.

Once in the directory you need, Right click to highlight the things you want to import. You can also press A to select all and then right click to deselect singular items. Then click the load button at the top of the load window, and hey presto…imported.

Just use the ‘Minus’ button to browse imported items, once in the window for that item. IE material window, to use imported material. Script window to use text/script imports. 3d objects appear on which ever layer they were placed on in the imported .Blend project.

This is where you realise how useful it is to name everything, all materials and textures etc.

Check this link to the Blender Knowledgebase for details about pack/unpack.