Terminator eye glow???

I dont know if I’m posting in the right place, but I downloaded a Terminator head, and i cant figure out how to make the eyes glow.

I increased the Emit value, but it just makes it bright red, and it doesnt look right. I dont know how to use radoisity, so i was hoping someone could help me out in making this work.


I think the compositor nodes would be easier, I did a test file:
Remember to enable do composite in the render buttons. Here is the setup, the red material is very basic with emit value 2.00.

It’s looking great! Is this a stock blender or you add some sort of mods or custom materials?

It’s really basic it took minutes to setup, basic mirror/grey material, red material with full emit value.
The RGB node is for extracting the red, the blur, blurs it, and when combined with the unblurred version, it makes it appear like its glowing :slight_smile: If you want i’ll give you the blend?

I think its very nice! Makes me want to learn to use nodes too!:yes:

PLEASE…give me the .blend…pleaseee…thanks and cool!!

yep can you upload the .blend file??

glow_eye.blend (223 KB)Sorry it took so long, here is the .blend

hey, you cheated :wink:
i really miss the reflected image in the blend :smiley:

Here is the file with the images packed in:rolleyes:
The image is huge, but you can save it by opening it in the UV/image editor, and go image/save as. and then you can scale it down in an external application.