Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles

Just wondering if anybody else is watching this series on Fox and what they think of it. It’s kind of dark, but I’m hooked! Maybe I just can’t say no to sci-fi…

I love this show, summer glau is the perfect, um … killing machine. Actually I got real excited because I thought you had a project based on it.

its ok…i just cant believe it took them this long to make it

I must admit…I too am hooked on this series. Summer Glau…nice…
I wonder what she plans on doing with the cortex node thingy she stole from the last terminator she shut down…

I think she wants to build a boyfriend, um boybot.

i like the show even though the entire thing is a paradox. for advanced machines the terminators don’t understand the laws of time and space.

well I’m hooked too… but a couple things is killing me.

First, in each movie, they only sent 1 solder/robot to protect John or her mother… and only 1 to kill them. Why? Because it took an enourmus amount of energy to travel through time… yet in the Show, it’s like they could afford I don’t know how many traver. There seems to be robots and time traveller all around the planet o_O

And how the hell is Andy in the future while he got killed in the “present”…can’t wait to learn how they explain that.

I think she creates skynet. They have basic programming for self preservation.

I’m also shocked it’s still on the air.

f0x is lame that way.

And how the hell is Andy in the future while he got killed in the “present”…can’t wait to learn how they explain that.

He’s from the future the time traveler comed from.

A better question is how the hell the travel in time to begin with. :wink:

Naw, I’ve never been one for Terminator.

I saw an advertisement for this on ralph magazine - still waiting for the show to get here. I may just read the fan forums/blogs to catch up on this.

They only keep up 3 episodes at a time, so you can’t watch the first episodes, but you can watch the most recent ones on fox.com.

what makes me mad about it is that I can do better CGI for at least some of the shots… the CG looks just awful

I don’t think so. Any shots in particular you’re talking about? The VFX look pretty believable to me.

Sometimes the story is more important.

Good show. Almost as good as Stargate and Doctor Who.

I love the show i dow-… watch it every week. (Really)

I’m in the middle of the latest episode, and had to comment on all the hyper drama, the hand of God. It makes a good argument for not being a psychiatrist, even if the patient isn’t crazy they can drive you nuts.

I’m a bit confused, what are you talking about? Could you please re-state yourself?

the scene were that one robot gets the scientists to help him in the bathroom

The thing that bugs me about the show is they show a total disregard for the timeline in the first 2 movies… According to last night’s ep, Sarah escaped from the mental institution in 1997. But in T2 that happened in 1994. That’s just one example of many.

They also never explain how a naked cyborg head could get sent through the time bubble when supposedly only cyborgs covered with living tissue can make it through.