Terragen 2 Finally has release date

Hmm, not sure if this has been posted yet. Terragen 2 at planetside website finally shows a date of December 15, 2006 for both Windows and Mac OS X 10.4.x.

Hey! Nice to see you posting!

I’ll have to check out the Terragen site more often, as I’m looking forward to trying it.

While I didn’t see anything at Planetsides web site, I did find the following;


***Edit…Ok, I’m a bit slow…also see:


It IS on their website - here is the link:


Check the top of the page, first paragraph. :wink:

I can’t wait! I really think this program will be cool.

I love terragen and it was reasonably priced for commerical work. From the sound of things, the price is going to go up, but given the other software option outthere to the public, looks like it maybe worth it. Can’t wait, but marks Calander…

I’ve long been a fan of Terragen, mainly because the skies in Bryce sucked so bad and Terragen’s were so good. The problem with Terragen is that its materials were pretty lacking, and the lack of import was a big minus.

Have you seen the pics from the yet-to-be-released Vue 6? It looks like it could kick some serious butt.

Vue 6 website…

Steve s.

Cool, I’ll have to check back on this. Only 3 days to go!

Three daaaayyysss…

Looks like I’ll finally have a reason to install Wine.

They must be getting a lot of traffic today, I can’t even get the page to load! :frowning: Darn, I wanted to play with their new software…

(edit) anybody else able to get to the download page? I wish they had a mirror so more people could download it…

Someone just posted direct links to the installers. I got the Windows version in like 3 seconds!


Signs of Life at planet Terragen! Just to test the Object functionality, I used a monkey mesh - aka Suzanne in a TG2 project. Also posted at www.ashundar.com.


Caution - if you are exporting obj from Blender for use in Terragen.

Apparently, Terragen has an issue with objs that do not have a material assigned. I have created a cube, and exported it from Blender. 2 things to note here - 1) if you don’t have a material assigned, but leave the default settings for the export, you will get an mtl file that is for the most part empty. 2) If you un-check the option to export material, the obj file still contains a reference to an mtl file by the same name as the obj file.

So, what I have seen so far:

  1. No material assigned, but empty mtl file created - crashes Terragen on render
  2. Obj exported with material option un-checked - crashes Terragen on render
  3. Obj file with matlib line commented out or deleted, crashes Terragen on render

By chance, I did assign a material the first time I tried it with the monkey. So make sure you have a material assigned, and you use the material option (default) when exporting an object for use in Terragen.

Best of Luck to you all!!