Terragen 2 is out folks.



HOLY MOLY. Not 30 seconds before coming here I was on the terragen website and was disappointed that they still hadn’t posted it. Where’d you get that link? My brother and I have been looking forward to this release for like two years!


Good God. It’s actually out. Now if I could only get the download to start…

Yeah, I’m having that problem too. “Waiting for www.planetside.co.uk…”

effstops: ya, the the only reason I found the link is that I’ve spent the entire day waiting for this to come out. It seems you can’t find it on the normal site atm, pressumably to give the hardcore terragen users a chance to download it before it gets slashdotted :stuck_out_tongue:

Found the link here btw: http://www.ashundar.com/

I also just checked not too long ago, it’s weird how I haven’t looked at the website in a long while, and then the day I do terragen 2 comes out right after I check

Found the link here btw: http://www.ashundar.com/

yeah, that last page refused my connection…

Man! Was anyone able to grab a copy for mac? None of the pages seem to load for me, and the download certainly isn’t. :frowning: GAH!

thanks dude! i’ve been waiting for this ever since DNF was announced.

[edit]: server’s down. any mirrors?

Too bad they don’t post a torrent, then we could all download it easily… Like everybody else, I can’t get the page to even load…:frowning:

seems they weren’t smart enough to consider it, which is a bit funny, considering this was bound to happen. Oh, and I cant download it either.

I guess if I hadn’t posted this here I would have had more of a chance :slight_smile:

Someone just posted direct links to the installers. I got the Windows version in like 3 seconds!


server overload, might be best to wait until after the rush. Couple more hours or so…

OK!!! thanks roofoo, that works!!! and under 10 min on dialup!
see ya all in a few renders.


Now we can play!


Oh this is gonna be awesome.

Now for Stage 2 : Figuring Out How To Work The Darn Thing…

Nice! Technology Preview?

Couple Q’s:

  • does it save
  • what’s the output size limit ?

To get you started, there is a PDF file that has an overview and a quick tutorial. I’m doing it right now. :smiley:

Is it render/save enabled?

Yes, I just saved, and rendered. As far as I can tell, there are no limitations…