Terragen/Blender Anim...with shiny probe!

I tossed this together pretty quick just to make sure everything was working as it should. I’m not really sure where I will go with it next but I think I’ll stick in the sci-fi vein. if anyone has any ideas as to how I can match my shadows to the terragen shadows, which have an atmospheric effect applied to them, speak up. otherwise i think i’ll just crank the atmospheric density down in terragen, but I kind of like the effect.
here’s the anim, it’s only a bit more than 300 frames with no audio, so just over a meg. also feel free to offer up any ideas as to other stuff to do with ter2blend/blend2ter ( the camera export script that i am using is only available in the previous version btw which may not work with py 2.3, but i, being a dinosaur, still have 2.2 :stuck_out_tongue: )


You must be more careful though, the cactus shadow is different in color and sharper than the mountains shadows :wink:


thanks stefano, i tried using blue lights, but the shadow mesh didn’t seem to want to pick them up. ambient color didn’t seem to be doing the job either.

You should try to make a probe out of terragen environment, eeshlo made nice app for this, and then apply it as AngMap to world texture and use Ambient Occlusion with ‘use texture’ :slight_smile:


ah, that sounds like it should work. i’ll look for the probe plugin at terrasource. thanks!

Maybe you could render all your Blender objects as shadow only and then without shadows and then get a video compositing app and make 3 layers: one with the terragen image, one with the Blender render without shadows and one with shadows only. Then colour correct the shadows.

This would also have the advantage of not blurring your terragen image.

What is this program called? Where can I get it?


Terragen? Try this link: Terragen website

No, you use terragen but here’s what Stefano’s talking about: