TerraGen Import not working?

I decided to finaly download terragen and the blender import script for it yesterday. Terragen is alright but, for some reason, I can’t import anything into blender from it. I run the script and it errors giving me this:

In BPY_call_importloader(name=/Documents and Settings\Andrew\My Documents	est.b
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 316, in bevent
  File "<string>", line 334, in draw
  File "<string>", line 520, in terrain
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'xpts' referenced before assignment

Is there something I’m doing wrong here?

anyone? :confused:

using ter2blend v 4 with blender 2.42a with python 2.4 installed on windows.
open ter2blend.blend then press alt/p then type in the path to the .ter file you want to open.
press draw. That will get you the mesh imported into blender.
i havn’t figured the terragen texture import yet. if you need help or find a soloution let me know !
may be good idea at this stage to save file as my terr1. then file new, file append, append your mesh only into blender. then play with textures, nodes work well.
For the sky you can render the sky only in terragen then set the sky onto a plane for stills, or place your scene inside a sphere and add the sky as a texture.
It may be this works better with blender 2.37a and python 2.3.

best luck. M.A.

it might be a problem with your terragen file…

my suggestion: export then import a .obj. terragen can do it fine…

That works!

I don’t know if there are reduced vert counts or not?
Would be the best to be able to import the entire scene from tg 2 b in one go.
Sky to background, Terrain as mesh, Texture in materials.
ahh sorry might be dreaming.

k thnx got it working :slight_smile: