Terragen lightprobe tilted

(stephen2002) #1

eeshlo, I need some help with your lighting utility. I load a probe into memory and go to save it as an enviornment map, works fine.

When I load the environment map into Blender it is tilted 90 degress. Is there any way to fix this?

(rndrdbrian) #2

When you apply the light probe environment to the sphere, instead of selecting X, Y as the axis, select Y then X.


(stephen2002) #3

I am not mapping it to the inside of a sphere. I am using it as an enviornment map for reflections. What you are refering to is a sphere map. Any idea on how to flip and environment map?

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(stephen2002) #4

whops, the XY thing works on environment maps as well.

BTW, it is just something wrong with the envmap import in Blender. I saved a Blender map and then loaded it. It had the same problem as the Terragen map.