Terragen / Linux

(DAK) #1

Has someone succesfuly got Terragen to run on linux?

(S68) #2


Looks very Windows bound, like interface/Gui/etc… and It is closed source… I’ve VMware installed on my linux box, and everithing runs smootly there, so I’d bet Terragen too, but never tried.


(DAK) #3

I am not familiar with VMware, but I have had Win-E installed, though only got simple things like mine-sweeper to work through it.
I"ll try to experiment tonight.

(DAK) #4

I installd WinE and tried to install Terragen. No luck. I did research on VMware, and it seemed more complex, and at 300$ a pop i’d rather purchase publisher.
In the mean time, anyone know where I can get some good sky textures? Preferably 800x600?

(macherb) #5

I played around with terraform at http://terraform.sourceforge.net/ which is for Linux. I cannot compare to terragen cause I dont (like to) use windows.