Terragen or blender?


To model terrain should i use Terragen (how does the file export etc work here?) or should i use blender?

Any replies would be much appreciated, thanks


You can get the same results using either. With Terragen you can visualize and texture it easier though, if you know it already that’s a big plus… There’s a python script called terr2blend to import the model.

I learned and use terragen just because it’s a really fun program to play with.

To make terrain in Blender, I suggest S68’s very fine python script called BWF 0.1.0 - Blender World Forge. you can find his thread on the latest release here

BWF doesnt work on the new upgrade for blender, or at least i couldnt get it to work. Damn, and it look like such a cool program too

k, thanks guys i ll try Terragen