Terragen Scam?

(DAK) #1

I installed the new terragen 8.4 many times, and each time the version number shows only 8.1. Is this a joke, bug, or what?

(Detritus) #2

Hi! I can think of to things that can cause this:

  1. The previous version of Terragen was not uninstalled. This can cause problems, both in the progress of installation with overwriting files and in the Registry.

  2. If you´ve downloaded the file from some other server than planetisde.co.uk, there´s a chance that they haven´t upgraded their Terragen-file because of some misstake.

This is all I can think of right now.

Good luck! I hope you get it to work anyway!

(SKPjason) #3

I agree with the uninstall business…

also… I ended up returning to the older version of Terragen because this newer version liked to crash too much on my system… not to mention, other thank subtle things… I really don’t see much difference between older and newer versions…

Just a note… did you happen to also download the WaterWorks plugins for Terragen… check Yahoo Groups for the Terragen group… they have a link… WaterWorks gives you some cool tools to make more realistic water. It does some nice beach shore water as well as others… quite a nice tool.