is there any way that i can import a terragen file into blender?

Yes, there’s a Python script called ter2blend:


also if you just want the mesh you can export as obj, and open it with the obj_import/export suite ( plugin)

It might not work with 2.33 immediately so here’s a fix:

I applied the fix you talk about in your web page. I then go the gui but then I got another error.

Terragen terrain file: continue
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “Terrain”, line 301, in bevent
File “Terrain”, line 319, in draw
File “Terrain”, line 505, in terrain
UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘xpts’ referenced before assignment

Any ideas?

What does this error prevent you from doing?

Its and error which means the script does not work. It just goes back to the text windwo.

just use an older blender version 2.28-2.32 with python 2.2.2 and the script works like a charm. once the scene is saved as .blend u can open it in 2.33

I found what the problem was. I orignally made the terrain and water in a program called World Machine. That program can save in Terragen format. When I saved out of world machine I “thought” I saved the file at 256X256 which is the required max size for use in Ter2blend. Well the file was acutally saved at 257X257. Which is what caused the error I guess. Well in anycase I resized it in Terragen at 129X129 and now it works perfectly in Ter2blend. Thanks for all the responses.

I press alt + p and put path to the .ter and just a Plane appears?

What am I doing wrong?

I THINK what you are seeing it the water plane. Ter2blend focus in on that when you start if you do not have the same camera orientation,and location numbers as was in your ter file. Actually learned that the hard way. One thing I do it just put the camera at the midpoint of my terrain. i.e if the terrian is 256X256 I put the camera’s postion at 128,128,2 and its orienation at 0,0,0( or somethng like that I would have to look to be sure). That way I get right in the center of my terrain with ter2blend ends. I ususally see some terrain features. But sometimes that midpoint location is right in the middle of hill or underater so you take you chances. In any case you can always move the cam but you will be in the middle of your terrain so you will see something.

Has anyone done a tutorial on getting Terragen like textures in Blender? I never seem to have any luck making Blender Terragen look like the real Terragen.

Not very easy to do. I asked the same question a couple years ago. One method that I was going to try was to take a rendered picture from terragen where the terragen camers was placed VERY high up and pointed straight down. The hieght is important so that you do not get a black border around that graphic. Convert the bmp to jpg or tga, then import it into Blender as and image texture for your mesh that was made from terra2blend.

This method “sorta” worked. What happened is you ended up have the image textere stretched and distored in places where the terrain was very steep and squashed where the terrain was very shallow. If you do a search on my nick you will probably find that old post where somone actually did it and posted the render.(Although it is such and old post that graphic has probably disappeared from the web.)

I think that best way is to just vertex color the mesh or get a good picture and uv map the mesh.

Thanks. I’ve tried that same thing. It’s such a shame that I can create these beatiful terrigan worlds, but can’t import them 100% into Blender. I wonder if the Terragen people and Blender people could get together and figure out a way to generate worlds in Blender Using the terragen system. Hmmm. Now that would be awsome.

I have imported terragen landscapes into blender by the following method:

generate a landscape
export it into a lightwave file
convert into a VRML file through a free software called 3dwin
import the VRML file into blender

easy :smiley: