First off I thought maybe it would be cool to se if anybody here uses terragen and possibly some artwork they have made with it. I’ll post some tomorrow.

Also does anybody know when version 2 is coming out?

terragen is great and easy, my desktop is of a landscape I made like 2 hours after downloading it.

Too bad it doesn’t port over to Blender awesomely.

I’ve got it installed but I don’t really use it, being a genorater and all everything pretty much looks the same, time and time again, plus the fact that it is so easy, there is not much fun in creation…

Obviously, for creating fast scenery it is a great tool and time saver.

Someone I know/knew, “adit” uses it alot. The only decent terragen render he has is: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/21244340/?qo=36&q=by%3Aadit&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps

NeOmega: My desktop is also made in terragen. I love this program although it would be even better if it could support vegetation etc modelled in blender. It is possible to export landscapes and import them in blender, just unfortunately not the textures/lighting.

Lukus: I disagree on it not being fun. You can have quite a lot of control over the generation. That is one good render though!

Heres a few renders I have made in Terragen.


Well I guess its all an opinion really.

There is quite alot of control; true. But you could get good results in less than an hour - to me that isn’t rewarding spending such little time but that is an aspect to being a generator compared to hand crafted.

I like terragen as a tool /time saver but thats it for me. If you enjoy using it though, thats all that matters really,

I sort of see what you mean.
However in the next version you will be able to import models made by yourself as well as generating the terrain so there could be loads more time spent modelling vegetation, animals etc to go in your scene and then rendering it with the awesome terragen render engine. Will be good.

Why is Terragen’s engine so good? What I mean is I know it’s a good one, but why can’t some of the same properties be implamented into Blender’s engine? I think that if we reversed the next release (or just asked for the render code) we could implament some of this stuff, I don’t think Terragen uses a scanline render technique I think it like zbuilds things, am I right?

these feature can be built into blender or better still have a terrain generator that is compatible with blender…

Terragen is good because it does it’s job good in comparison to other applications of its type within the same ‘league’… simple.

Now, blender is more of a modeler than a generator… If blender takes on the “generator” route, we’d have terrain generators, plant generators and so on-ators. So i dont think its much of “why cant blender do this” but “blender doesnt want to do this cause’ we have more important things to do”.

Well what I was getting at was the renderer, it’s pretty fast and it has some good gi (or so it seems) in the next release they will have sss, it seems they’re getting pretty hq pretty fast with this, I only hope that they stay free even though you have to pay a small fee for a liscense if you want to get the maximum effects. I don’t know what kind of rendering method they use, but it just seems like a rendering system that we may want to implament into blender, also they’re clouds and sun/sky is awesome it would be nice to be able to implament that too, maybe planetside could write a sky plugin for blender?

I doubt they would.
It would be cool but it’s not open source or freeware.
It’s merely a free version they give out in the hope that more people will buy the full version to get a few more features.