Terrain & General Questions

So i have been using blender for awhile now, And i have a few questions, And need a link or 2 for the BGE.

First: (not sure if it was on here) Seen a tut to change a plane into a Ground with grass
Also looking for a water setup

Second: How big can a Terrain be? more or less i want a longer plane then width wise.

And my last question is say i get one level done (knowing it may be awhile) Looking on info on more then 1 level setups. Thank you all in advance.

start with a little terrain, make it “terrific”, with plenty of “life” and FINISHED, then you can always extrude
some verts ( but I’m the boring person here)!

I dont think small when it comes to games, My one game i made using another program was 17 levels wish i had it still. Dam formats lol…

All these views no one able to give me info on my questions?

The answers to your questions can be found by searching the internet, I typed in “Blender terrain” on google. This is the first website that comes up:


You should start there.

Some additional advice on making terrain:

Don’t get hung up on details. Get the whole ‘idea’ down first, where mountains will be, where the river is. Don’t spend the whole time trying to make the grass look right or placing the trees in the right spot until you’re near the end. When making terrain, try to use less polygons at first, you can always add more for detail.

Good luck,

Thanks mad that help alot.